The Vintage

  • But a temperamental summer upsets all our forecasts. In the South, we undergoes two successive large storms (70mm of rain each) in July, coupled with beautiful sunny days. This compels us monitor the vineyard closely for mildew and powdery mildew. In the north, in early July, we begin to notice symptoms scalding from Ampuis through to Tain l'Hermitage. The rainfall of July 14 puts an end to the phenomenon. The hail of July 16th and frequent rainy and stormy episodes until the end of August, require the utmost vigilance regarding mildew. With 100% more rain than in a normal year, green work (topping, thinning of the leaves…) and disease prevention are more than ever essential and beneficial to sanitise the vineyard. With this work of precision, vines do not stress, continue to grow, and veraison goes well. However, the advance gained early in the season is nullified by September.

  • Once again, the Indian summer beginning of September saves us and restores balance allowing harvest to start in the best conditions. Our prophylaxis work pays back and the vineyard is healthy. The first grapes to arrive in the cellars at Beaucastel on September 5th are Viognier, with beautiful balance and great flavours. Syrah is harvested in the premature sectors. However, we are forced to suspend harvest in mid-September due to episodes of heavy rain. Then the lull allows us to get the first Grenache Rosé in, the Syrah from Vinsobres and finally the fully mature Grenache from Chateauneuf du Pape and Gigondas. In the North, we end Côte-Rôtie and start Hermitage at the end of September. Harvest ended on October 10th by the aromatic and colourful Grenache from Vinsobres.